Over 70s is our focus, in more ways than one

NPS 70+. It’s a number that means a whole lot to us here at eevi. It’s also another way of showing how much we care.

eevi, a leading provider of care technology to seniors of Australia, continues their consistent and high NPS scores and are the leading customer service providers in the Australian personal medical alarm industry. From the point of sale all the way to post emergency call, eevi have been consistent in excellent customer experience and are pleased to share the score to demonstrate this.

What is a ‘good’ NPS score? 

Excellent businesses enjoy an NPS score above 50+; the world’s best practice is above 70+; however, the benchmark of each score varies between industries. According to one recent paper, for the healthcare and technology services industries, the average score for 2021 is 38+ and 39+ respectively.

How does eevi measure?

eevi runs an NPS score at two critical points during the service delivery process. Firstly a call is undertaken post-installation of a medical alarm device. Secondly, following an emergency call clients are contacted to ensure that at the time where help was most needed, it was provided to a satisfactory level. In gathering information our service team is seeking to understand the overall experience with the alarm including how the two-way voice worked, wait times, and the response centre experience. The question asked is, ‘on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend eevi to a neighbour?’

nps score

How does eevi rank?
As a globally recognised measure of advocacy, the NPS score holds significant weight in eevi’s eyes. eevi has an NPS score consistently above 70, which is well above the industry standard in both the healthcare and technology service categories. Achieving an average score such as this demonstrates that eevi values the customer service experience and aim always to put the customer first.

eevi is number one in customer service for personal medical alarms in Australia today, evidenced by consistent NPS scores of between 60+ and 80+ for over two years.

“We earn world class NPS scores with exceptional service in project management, Plug n Play set up and installation and simple tools like Smart Device Manager and Smart Reporting for ongoing management. Our world-class NPS lifts advocacy of residents within your villages, leading to happier residents and helping future sales. We see that as part of our job as care technology providers,” Said David Waldie, MD of eevi.Life.

“World-class service also means industry-leading response times. We answer 95% of calls within 60 seconds or less, whereas the industry standard is 120 seconds or less, making a world of difference in an emergency. We’re twice as fast, and residents notice the difference.”

“When you ask yourself, “What is the best medical alarm in the world?” Look to companies that have a proven commitment and consistent high standards of service support. In working in senior care and care for our vulnerable Australians, in many cases those we call don’t have family close by. The very nature of checking in to have the conversation and hear from our customers is an important part of the overall service as a care technology provider. If you are looking to upgrade your medical alarm solution, look no further than the best customer service experience available with eevi.”


About eevi.Life: eevi is a leading provider of care technology to senior living. Currently supporting thousands of Australians, eevi’s mission is to deliver technologies enabling life-saving care in the form of smart based medical alarms, alerts & sensors.  In a consumer-led research-based approach to product development, eevi offers a range of solutions that provide access to emergency care with easy-to-use technology, bringing peace of mind to both the end-user and those within their care network. Discreet and powerful, efficient and reliable, eevi aims to support the continued independence of senior Australians wherever they decide to live.



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  • safest medical alarm system eevi 4G VoLTE

    Gateway 4G VoLTE

    The Eevi Gateway 4G VoLTE is your in-home personal safety system and comes with 1 month free professional monitoring when you purchase outright.

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    Tech Angel

    Whether you need help setting up an ipad, a Google Home or have general technology-based questions or queries, our angels are ready to help assist you and answer your questions.

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    Life Pendant

    The eevi Life Pendant is a personal medical alarm to provide help if you ever you need it. It has two-way voice communication, 4G connectivity and can be used when out and about.

  • Activity and Door Sensors

    The eevi Activity and Door Sensors help loved ones and carers ensure your safety at home by alerting them when no activity is recorded for a set period of time.

  • Smart Watch

    The eevi Smart Watch comes with inbuilt GPS and emergency response packaged in a stylish, modern timepiece that delivers help at the touch of a button.

  • Wristband Accessory

    This wristband easily connects to the eevi pendant for the Gateway. Comfortable and easy to wear.

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