A commitment to customer service…

At eevi, our priority is the safety of those within our community of care. Through our medical alarms, products and service, we aim to provide peace of mind and independence so you can live your best life. From the device itself through to the emergency response service and our after-sales technical support we aim to provide leading care solutions to our clients, their families and village operators to ensure the highest level of care, always.

How we measure the feedback.

eevi is committed to maintaining a high standard of service. We currently operate a Net Promoter Score (NPS) system to ensure important feedback is gained in the installation process of our medical alarm devices.

The NPS Score is a widely recognised measure of customer satisfaction. For Eevi our NPS test is completed within 6 weeks of the installation of our product/service and the key question asked is ‘How likely are you to recommend Eevi to someone else’. eevi currently holds some of the highest NPS scores across the industry over +65. This NPS testing is completed as a phone call allowing a further opportunity to ensure the service installed is working as it should.

How likely are our customers to recommend eevi?

Answers scored 1 - 10 then put into the NPS formula (April - June 2023)


Average NPS Score

9-1091%85 of 93 customers surveyed
7-89%8 of 93 customers surveyed

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