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eevi Gateway 4G VoLTE- Rent


RRP $55

  • 95% calls answered in 60 seconds (A1 Grade provider)
  • Two-way voice communication via device
  • Powerful microphone
  • Self-testing device, remote updates & real-time system health
  • Telstra 4G VoLTE SIM connectivity
  • Ethernet backup system
  • Integration with the Friends and Family App
  • Personalised protocol prepared for event of emergency
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The eevi Gateway 4G VoLTE is a medical alarm that provides the highest quality Personal Emergency Response System monitoring. This medical alarm connects you to a dedicated 24/7 emergency response centre, bringing help in 60 seconds or less. Using cloud-based technology, you’ll always know that the device is working with alerts and signals communicated by a dedicated mobile app giving you peace of mind that you’ll have care by your side if ever it’s needed.

Used in retirement villages and homes across Australia, this smart based emergency call system is highly regarded for its reliability, high-range hearing controls and failover connectivity. Visit our client feedback page to learn what others say about this powerful medical alert.


Step 1: Press 'Red HELP Button' or pendant at home for help. Announcement heard, alerting you to call connection/ request status.
Step 2: Connection to 24/7 emergency help with GPS location tracking.
Step 3: 2-way communication for triage of emergency with updates through the Friends and Family app.

The eevi product range is designed to enable a continuation of independence whilst providing peace of mind that help is available, should you ever need it.

Our designs are discreet enough to fit into your daily routine, yet powerful and reliable so that, in the event that you need to use them, you can trust that care will be by your side.

Our customer service team is also on hand should you have any questions about your device. We’re here to make you feel comfortable with the technology and happy to help anytime you need some extra support.

Eevi keeps you connected to your loved ones when you can’t be there. See more on our families page about how we provide support.

How often will I be billed?

Customers will be invoiced monthly.

What do I need to get eevi Gateway running in my home?

A power socket to connect the eevi Gateway base unit. The base unit has an onboard SIM to allow communications. The only thing you need is a power socket and sufficient signal when we conduct the installation.

Does the pendant come in any other colour?

Emergency buttons do not come in any other colours.

Can I talk to the pendant?

No, the pendant only sends an alert call. The speaker and microphone are in the gateway base station.

Does it have Bluetooth capability?

No, the gateway and pendant do not have any Bluetooth capability.

What’s the range of the eevi pendant?

The pendant has a range of 200-300 metres in an open area. However, it will depend on the environment surrounding the gateway. The pendant will generally reach inside, outside, carport, and garage near the premises. During installation, you will do a range check of the pendant that shows you your personal coverage space.

What is the range of the speaker and microphone on the medical alarm?

The gateway has a powerful microphone and speaker onboard. This can reach a reasonable distance, however, it will not provide the same coverage as the impressive pendant range. During your installation, a sound check will be done to show you the difference between the range of the pendant to the coverage of the voice provided on the gateway.

What happens if there’s a power failure?

Eevi Gateway has a 40-hour battery backup supply. Additionally, the system does self- checks every hour, so you will receive a voice prompt from the unit stating ‘mains power is disconnected’ or ‘mains power is reconnected’ should power not be available or the device is unplugged.

Can the medical alarm eavesdrop on conversations in my home?

No, when an alarm has been triggered an alarm call, is opened only when the response centre accepts the call. The call stays open for a duration of 10 minutes after the initial call ends, this is to allow the response centre to call back regarding the event, should they need to. Once the response centre hangs up the call the medical alarm will be left open for the carer to dial back in for a period of 10 minutes. After this 10 minute period, the GREEN CROSS will no longer be flashing.

Which is the more reliable solution - pendant or voice assistant?

In the first instance, press your pendant. Voice technology is still in its infancy and may not understand all voice commands.

What happens if there is no answer on the gateway alarm being sent to the response centre?

PERS has not been programmed correctly with the response centre via ArmorIP can either be the PERS id has not been associated, the SIM number has not been recorded, or not recorded correctly.

What happens if the Pendant is not being seen by the medical alarm?

The pendant may not be properly recorded into the medical alarm, check the serial number, if this is correct and the pendant is still not registering pendant will need replacing to be sent for RMA as it is a closed device.

My lights are not lighting up GREEN on the medical alarm, they appear stuck.

Depower device totally, repower, if the problem persists replace with site spare. You will need to contact our Service Delivery team to have the credentials of this resident migrated with both the response centre and in the VBN to allow supply and installation to be complete. Once this is updated installation can proceed. The medical alarm will need to have a fault report filled in so that it can be sent for RMA with the manufacturer.

What is the call centers response time/ How long will it take before they pick up my help call?

Answer time from alarm acknowledged announcement is 95% of calls answered in 60 seconds.

If I am unconscious or cannot speak loud, how will an ambulance gain entry?

We recommend that you have a key safe installed at your front door to allow easy access without damage to the door by emergency personnel in the event of an emergency. The damage would only occur if emergency services cannot gain entry.

What happens if I need help from the fire or police department? Can I still press the help button?

You can press the pendant and advise of assistance needed.

  • E.g., If there is a domestic disturbance or you notice unusual behaviour this can be
    reported the same way, someone shining a light in your window etc.
  • E.g., fire in your home, press the pendant to get assistance.
If I make a call, will it be recorded?

Every call or system event lodged with the response centre stays on file for 7 years.

What network does the Gateway use?

The gateway uses the Telstra 4G VoLTE network to deliver your service. Both voice and data are used in getting your signal to the response centre.

Will the response centre hang up after they send help?

After activating the alarm, the response centre will remain on the call with you until an ambulance arrives.

  • If you do not require the response centre to remain on the line with you, for example, if you have a friend or relative there, you can simply let the operator know.
  • If you or someone with you wants to provide the response centre/emergency services with updated information, such as a worsening of your condition and you are no longer connected, you can simply press the help button, or activate the pendant again to reconnect the call.
Where should I set up my medical alarm, can I do it anywhere in my home?

Location of the device central with best sound coverage is recommended. However, it can be installed where you feel that you are most vulnerable. E.g., bedroom due to getting up a lot at night.

What happens is I am unconscious or far away from my medical alarm and the response center cannot hear my response.

No voice contact – this means that the response centre has called into the gateway and had no response from you via two-way voice or cannot dial into the gateway. They will then follow the relevant protocol. Do not panic if you cannot be heard and you need help. Know that emergency services will be called. Press the pendant again if you need to get assistance.

What happens if the Telstra network has an outage?

If both data and voice are offline due to a Telstra Network outage the response centre will attempt to contact, you on your alternate phone numbers to advise that the network is offline and to use 000 in the event of an emergency.

  • Device offline process – response centre monitors the data connectivity, Telstra often do work in the early hours of the morning to reboot their hardware, make changes to the network etc. and as such the device may go offline. Normally these micro-outages take place for less than a minute, however, the gateway will advise if the data is not working,
    and the response centre will follow up.

    • Call gateway – if the call successfully rings, no further action is required as the voice channel is working.
    • No answer then they will call you to advise that the voice and data network are offline and to dial 000 in the event of an emergency.
    • The response centre will also advise eevi and the village to review this during
      business hours.
      1. Eevi will troubleshoot to establish remote connectivity and reboot the gateway.
      2. Understand if the Telstra issue is ongoing or has been resolved.
      3. Engage with the village if the issue cannot be resolved remotely.
Do I need to check myself if my Gateway still works?

The gateway tests daily by itself – runs a silent check – checks connectivity to response, this is a silent check and does not allow dial back into your device but confirms it’s working.

What happens if the Gateway gets unplugged from the wall?

Announcements, run approx. every 30 seconds 3 times once power has been disconnected. At 4 hours it goes into low power mode and silent mode. This will mean all lights on the gateway will be turned off however power light remains orange. (sleep mode).

  • Low power mode
    • Gateway lights go ‘OFF’ to conserve battery, this is sleep mode.
    • If the pendant or help button is pressed, the gateway will ‘wake up’ again.
  • Disconnected power
    • The response centre receives a notification.
    • If not plugged back in within 60 minutes, we will ring.
Do I need to do any firmware updates?

This is done remotely when needed. Rarely will you be notified or be asked to assist.

The speaker is too loud/ the lights are too bright.

This can be done on the gateway by pressing the white buttons on top of the Gateway. We can see the changes you make and can also do this for you if you wish.

How do I stop the cross light on the gateway to stop flashing?

When you press help or activate the pendant, the cross light on the gateway will flash.

  • A ten-minute window is open from the end of the last call – the light will continue to flash until the end of this window – this is normal and expected. You cannot stop this light from flashing; it will cease itself.
Can I charge my phone or play music from the back ports of the Gateway?

There are some spare ports at the back of the gateway – these are not to be used (for example, don’t try to use the gateway to charge your mobile phone)

Will the Gateway make alerts when I am sleeping?

Gateway goes into silent mode between 8pm and 8am this means no system announcements will be heard for things such as low battery, power disconnection.

Do I need to check my pendants battery?

The pendant checks its battery every 4 hours (self-test) so no more tests every month to make sure you have a battery in your pendant.

Is the pendant waterproof?

The pendant is a fully sealed Waterproof pendant. You can wear it in the shower (IP67 rated).

  • As the pendant is waterproof, we cannot replace the battery. A new pendant must be
    supplied. $99 GST exempt plus freight, additional pendants can be purchased if you
    want or need more than one.
  • If the pendant is lost, you replace it
  • If the pendant has a low battery eevi replace in the first 12 months
Where should I leave my pendant when I leave my house?

Hang the pendant somewhere near the front door when you leave the house, so it is easy to find when you return. You can also hang it in the shower for convenience and access.

Does the pendant come in another colour or have any other accessories?

The pendant only comes in one colour, does not have a watch band or belt clip; it is supplied with a neck chain only.

I pressed my alarm, what happens?

The pendant flashes red and blue when pressed and then green once connected. If the pendant does not flash GREEN and you cannot hear the gateway announcement your alarm has been activated, your alarm has been sent, your alarm has been acknowledged press the pendant again, hold for 3 seconds to ensure that the lights come on.

Can I talk into my pendant if I press the alarm button?

The pendant does not have voice capability, it has no microphone or speaker. All two-way voice comes from the gateway. If the response centre cannot reach you via two-way voice they will
proceed with the No Voice Contact Process.

  • You can wear the pendant in the backyard when you collect the mail etc. When you press the pendant in these locations, you may not be able to get back to the gateway for two-way voice, but the response centre is still notified, and help will be sent.
  • It is important to note that the bathroom coverage is often patchy when you are using the pendant. The pendant signal can easily reach the gateway for approx. 200m, to ensure the signal can make it to the response centre. However often due to the location, distance from the gateway, circumstances whilst in the bathroom such as the door being open / closed it is likely the response centre can hear you but you may find it hard to hear them.
How long does my pendants battery life last for?

Battery life is expected to be approx. 2-4 years, some instances it will be longer, some will be less. It all depends on how frequently you use the pendant and how often you take it away from your home. The more you take it away from your home, the quicker the pendant battery will deplete as the pendant will still try every 4 hours to do its test to the base unit to report its battery life but upon not being able to reach it will attempt to reach it several times instead of once when it is in the vicinity.

How far can I use my pendant/ Where can I use my pendant?

Pendant coverage is tied to a registered home address.

  • The pendant can be used inside the home front yard/backyard whilst getting the mail, gardening, hanging out washing or sitting in the yard.
  • It is not recommended to be used outside of your address. Emergency services will attend to your premises, if you have pressed the pendant outside of the home and are in range, they will go to your home first. Please remember that they will attempt to gain entry to your home. If you are not there, they have no way to find you.
Product warranty

Gateway warranty – 2 years

Pendant – 12 months

Personal details
  • Keeping details up to date; Medical, personal, family and friends.
    We recommend a review of your information annually, however, this is up to the
  • The response centre will not make changes on your behalf.

Update details (medical, emergency contacts) to eevi via email to

How can I purchase a spare part?

Spare parts can be purchased, please send your enquiry to advising what you are looking for and we will provide you with a quote.

Are there hidden charges?

No fees and charges will apply for excess data or voice use, this is all covered in your monthly charge.

I think my product is faulty, what do I do?

Return Maintenance Authority (RMA) process for the return of faulty devices is as follows:

  • Contact our office if you believe you have a faulty device by way of raising a case to supply the serial number and the pendant number, describe the fault and advise of the location. An eevi case number will be supplied along with the RMA form to be returned with the hardware once troubleshooting has taken place.
  • RMA cost to ship from you to eevi is at your cost; eevi will pay for the return shipping.
  • Once an RMA is issued, we will follow up with you once within 14 days of the case being raised to check that you have sent it to us.
  • If we have not received the return within 28 days, we will close the case with no further reminders.
  • If you return the RMA after the site warranty period has expired eevi will not be responsible for the replacement.
  • If RMA items are returned with incorrect case details, fault reports, multiple items on one
    • RMA or no RMA supplied they will not be reviewed and instead returned to you for

Your Gateway order will contain:

  • eevi Gateway 4G VoLTE
  • Charging cord
  • 1 x Pendant with chain
  • Stainless steel chain
  • eevi Quick Start guide

Standard shipping:

We ship Australia wide through Australia Post standard shipping service.

Delivery time:

We aim to have all orders shipped out within approximately 2-3 business days (time frames dependant on volume orders). Australia post allows for standard parcels to arrive within 3-6 days in metro areas and up to 2 weeks in regional areas.

If you have not received your items within 3 weeks of your order dispatch, please contact us with your full name and order number, and we will look into your delivery immediately.

Order confirmation:

eevi will contact you to obtain the personal information required for the device set up. Once shipped we will send you confirmation of shipment via email.

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Friends & Family App

Apps and skills to keep your network of care informed

Linking directly to the Gateway, the Friends & Family App is a service designed to bring people together in a network of care.It is an App as well as a text service that sends alerts and updates directly from eevi device activity.

No need to have to wait until after an event. Care in real-time with increased peace of mind.


Key Features

  • Help Notifications: Help Button, Check-in missed
  • Email, SMS and App Notifications
  • Display tab of prior events and updates
  • Device Health: Low battery, device offline
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