eevi voice assistant is born

Google Home

We are pleased to announce the development of the eevi Voice Assistant on Google Home is finally complete. With over 500,000 Google Home devices in homes around Australia, now they are capable of providing help in an emergency with the eevi Voice Assistant.

With the eevi Voice Assistant installed, users can talk to their Google Home to get help, just by asking for it. “Hey Google, get emergency help” or even just “help” depending on the configuration you choose. We personalise the technology to suit you and your needs.

With eevi, you can also use your Google Home as a low cost “check-in” service. Just by talking to your Google Home daily, if eevi’s check-in service is activated, you are letting your carer or family know you are up and about.

The daily check-in and emergency response services eevi provides are designed to give you and your family peace of mind - whether your family is away, you are returning from hospital, or just living alone – it’s good to know help is there if you need it.

At eevi, we believe that health technology should be based on low cost, highly desirable consumer electronic devices, wherever possible. That is what you told us you wanted. And that is why we have developed the eevi Voice Assistant on Google Home. By integrating with Google Home we are delivering new services to your home via a device you may already be familiar with, and you get to enjoy the other ways it offers hands-free help around the home.

As we grow older, finding the right balance between independence and care is essential to ensuring our happiness and quality of life. But we realise technology can be daunting, which is why we don’t just provide the tech, we provide the people to make it work.

With the eevi voice assistant on Google Home, now you can live well and maintain your independence, yet feel safe and secure at home.

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