Are You Ready for the 3G Network Shutdown?

The Urgent Advice to Keep Essential Technology Connected.

David Waldie, eevi Founder and Managing Director, talks to 9News about the imminent 3G network shutdown and what this means for older and vulnerable Australians. Watch on YouTube

3G Shut Down Warning – 9News

From mobile phones to home security cameras, baby monitors and medical alarms, many of our devices have relied on the 3G mobile network for almost two decades but in just a few months the network will start shutting down and experts say it is imperative that all Australians are prepared.

When it was first introduced the 3G mobile network was a major step forward in our communication technology. But now almost two decades on, less than a year away from it being switched off completely.

“The demand and the consumption of data has been increasing exponentially and that’s why we need to move our customers onto the 4G and 5G networks. It’s extremely important that Australians prepare themselves.” – Chris Taylor, Telstra.

It’s estimated there could be as many as three million devices across the country still actively using 3G.

“I’d say if you’ve had a device for quite some time, I’m talking five or six years or even longer, that could be still a 3G device.”- Stephen Fenech, Tech Guide

Including smartphones, Kindles, cars, eftpos machines and even medical devices.

“We would estimate there’s about 200,000 medical alarms in Australia that were on 3G. An elder or someone else with a vulnerability who’s relying on that alarm for an emergency response simply won’t get one. ” David Waldie, eevi.

Companies like eevi are reaching out to customers to make sure they stay connected.

And if you have an older security system you could also be at risk.

“The last thing you want is to be either broken into or you’re relying on a medical alert issue and it doesn’t get out to anybody.” – Kylie Butchard, Pacific Security

Vodafone will be first to go shutting down 3G networks on December 15, followed by Telstra in June next year,
and then Optus in September 2024.

“Don’t put off checking that device. Make sure you get to that as soon as possible to make sure you’re not caught out.” – Stephen Fenech, Tech Guide

Meg Sydes, 9News

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