eevi Partners with Vayyar Care

Together We're Advancing Fall Detection in the Australian Aged Care Sector

We recently announced our partnership with Vayyar, a global leader in advanced 4D imaging sensor technology. The collaboration introduces an innovative solution that integrates Vayyar Care’s fall detection technology into the eevi Care platform. 

The result is a system that enables immediate carer response when a resident falls and empowers proactive care through rich behavioural insights, ultimately enhancing the safety and wellbeing of residents in aged care communities.

Recent findings from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show that fall injuries are a significant public health concern, particularly among older Australians. Every day, 364 Australians aged 65+ suffer a fall that puts them in hospital and 21% of hospitalised falls happen in residential aged care facilities (27,000 falls per annum). Treating these injuries costs over $2.3 billion, emphasising the pressing need for innovative solutions that address the growing challenges posed by fall-related injuries among older adults.

Key features of the integrated eevi Care and Vayyar Care solution include:

  • Fall Detection: Vayyar’s advanced radio frequency technology enables real-time fall detection, ensuring rapid response to prevent complications resulting from long lies after falls and revealing minor falls that frequently lead to more serious incidents but which often go unreported. 
  • Privacy and Dignity: Continuous, camera-free, touchless monitoring through cutting-edge 4D imaging technology ensures safety and privacy for residents. 
  • Robust Performance: Vayyar technology operates in challenging conditions such as pitch darkness, steam and humidity. 
  • Smart Connected Sensors: Leveraging the power of Machine Learning AI, sensors are constantly trained with an ever-growing database of real fall data, ensuring the accuracy of detection and minimisation of false alarms through continuous performance improvement. 
  • Direct Connection: eevi Nectar directly connects the Vayyar sensors around the home to the eevi Care platform.
  • Integrated Comms Platform: The intuitive eevi Carer App offers carers a single, real-time view of residents, enabling quick response to events. While the eevi Care Console offers a detailed view of resident information, devices and historical events, the Smart Annunciator interface supports care managers with information at a glance.
  • Data-driven Insights: Customisable reports and analytics for proactive care planning include insights that enable fall prevention. 

The collaboration between eevi and Vayyar Care represents a significant milestone in the sector, offering the potential for a safer and more dignified future for seniors and a more comprehensive approach to care technology for Aged Care Operators.


Feargal O’Farrell, Vayyar’s Director of Sales for ANZ, said: “It is a privilege to work with such an innovative, Australian-owned company as eevi. Together, we are leveraging the power of Machine Learning AI to enhance outcomes in our customers’ communities. Residents, their families and friends, and their carers can be confident that if there’s  a fall, help will be on the way.”

About eevi

eevi is a trusted provider of care technology solutions to Australia’s leading Aged Care Operators. The eevi Care platform connects medical alarms and sensor technologies with carers and care managers through integrated communication platforms, intuitive apps and data-driven insights. Designed to support both reactive and proactive care, eevi partners with forward thinking Aged Care Operators to improve workflows, increase staff satisfaction and enhance the quality of care to residents. 

About Vayyar

Vayyar Care’s touchless 4D imaging radar sensors gather the data caregivers need to protect residents, as well as their dignity, privacy, and independence. The solution delivers instant fall detection and unprecedented visibility into behaviour, overcoming the limitations of standard technologies. Vayyar Care is interoperable with any nurse call system and care platform, enabling person-centred, proactive care that enhances outcomes and staff efficiency. 



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