Key Terms & Definitions

The following is a list of key terms and definitions to support reading your monthly eevi Analytics email. This information relates specifically to the eevi Gateway device.

Total Alerts

This is the total count of alerts that have been raised within your village(s) within the month stated. This total includes test calls as well as emergency calls.

Average Response

This is an average response time in seconds for the calls that were responded to within your village(s). Eevi commits to a service level agreement ensuring that 95% of calls are answered within  60 seconds or less. These are totals at 00:00:00 (midnight) on the last day of the reported period.

Emergency Callouts

This is the number of alerts that resulted in Emergency Services being dispatched to the premises of the device.

Highest Community Alerts

This is a list of devices that had the highest number of Alerts within your villages(s).

Total Devices Graphic

This is the list of total Gateway devices installed within your village(s). This will show how:

1. Number of devices that are installed and connected.
2. Number of devices that are installed but not connected.
3. Number of devices that were listed with faults in the month.


Eevi is committed to maintaining a high standard of service. We currently operate a Net Promoter Score (NPS) system to ensure important feedback is gained in the installation process of our medical alarm devices.

The NPS Score is a widely recognised measure of customer satisfaction. For Eevi our NPS test is completed within 6 weeks of the installation of our product/service and the key question asked to our sample size is ‘How likely are you to recommend Eevi to someone else’. Eevi currently holds some of the highest NPS scores across the industry over +65. This NPS testing is completed as a phone call allowing a further opportunity to ensure the service installed is working as it should.

*(Updated as of last quarter April-June 2023)

For more information regarding any of the above or your specific report, we invite you to contact us here.

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