Introducing Analytics- giving time back to Retirement Village operators

We often hear about the opportunity for technology to make our work lives easier. Here's something for village managers.

We often hear about the opportunity for technology to make our work lives easier. So, here's a true example of how.

At eevi, we sit at the leading edge of being able to provide transparency in our world of cloud-based care technologies. And our design approach is to work closely with our 100+ communities to learn what’s needed and build for that. Our latest innovation is one we know will give time back to village managers and operations staff. Making your work life easier.

What we heard from our customers

Over our years of working with the Retirement Living sector, we’ve heard key pain points and problems around emergency response systems. These include knowing that the system is working, knowing call response times are good, and knowing which residents have had an emergency ambulance call out. And what we also hear is how time-poor our village managers and maintenance staff are. If there’s anything that can be done to give time back, they want it!

Here’s what we did with the feedback

At eevi, we have a team of product developers with an impressive background in the world of technical engineering. So we set out to develop a way to deliver a simple report and dashboard that gives you access to what you need to know …as well as giving you both transparency and time back in your day.

Welcome to eevi Analytics for Retirement Village operators

In November, eevi launched the first of its eevi Analytics products. This email is a highly tailored view of the key information you need about the system protecting residents in your village.

Eevi Analytics is tailored to your role in your community, meaning you’ll see just what is relevant. So for professionally monitored communities, it includes a snapshot of :

-Total alerts in your community and those that required an ambulance response

-Highest alerts triggered by residents (top 3)

-Call response times as a measure of service performance and;

-System health - number of devices connected, active and at fault

In creating this important insights email, our managing director, David Waldie, says,

“We’re pleased to bring this innovation to the retirement living sector to improve insights that can be garnered from care technology. We’re grateful for being part of helping our customers grow their business and better support their communities''.

How do retirement village operators get access to eevi Analytics?

If you’re a customer of ours and have eevi Gateway devices installed in your village, you will receive eevi Analytics emails and Smart Reports Manager monthly.

And if you’re due to become our customer, we will set you up during our onboarding process with access to these systems.

Once you have this login, you won’t need to do anything further. Then, each month, we will send you a tailored report. And you can log in real-time to Smart Reports Manager any time you want.

Are you a Village Manager or Group Manager and want to know more?

If you’re interested to know more about this solution or if you’d like to share with us any feedback on your experience with eevi Analytics, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at You could also submit a contact form via the contact us page here.

We hope you enjoy this exciting innovation as we strive to be a little care by your side.

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