Client Testimonials

At eevi, our priority is the safety of those within our community of care. Through our products and service, we aim to provide peace of mind and independence so you can live your best life. From the device itself through to the emergency response service and our after-sales technical support we aim to provide leading care solutions to our clients, their families and village operators to ensure the highest level of care, always.

Here are a few kind words that have been shared back with us…

It’s very important for us to have the eevi service. Coming in independently, the residents have a sense of security and peace of mind that the Gateway is sitting there if it needs to be used. It also gives family members peace of mind. I have been connected with eevi for three years now. It’s a nice, easy system. I feel very confident in the way everything is set up for my residents coming in.

– Mandy Julian, Village manager at The Avenue Maroochydore

I am very impressed with how calm and professional the operator is and that it’s a very organised service. From contacting an ambulance to people in the village and even my daughter. I am happy we have Eevi, and I feel secure.

– Gail Bagdonas, Resident

We have been searching for a state-of-the-art, flexible, reliable system that would be suitable for our new-look villages of the future. It was important the components could fit easily into residents’ lifestyles and ensure the safety of our communities, and eevi stood out as the best choice.”

– Group CEO, 2021

I am happier with this device, and it is easier to use. The installer was wonderful, explained everything and was so friendly. I had a great experience.

– June, Resident

My father has lived in the village since 1999, it makes me feel more secure knowing that he has his pendant around his neck. Giving me reassurance he has help when needed. It is a terrific system.

– Lucy, Residents daughter

The installer was lovely, and he tested the device thouroughly throughout my home. I had no issues with the installation process, and I feel like I can rely on it.

– Rhonda, Resident

The girl was very good, efficient and friendly. She stayed in contact all the way through until the ambulance came. All was very good.

– John, Resident 

It was helpful to have the medical alarm with monitoring. Knowing that we had someone on the line. It gave me comfort knowing that they were getting me help. Highly recommend having one, it is extremely helpful in an emergency.
-Valmai, Resident

I have been in this village for 14 years and was very unhappy with the old device company bevause they continuously called. They were very unreliable. Now, thanks to eevi I feel a lot better about my new device.

– Joy, Resident

Such an easy process. The lady was so helpful in answering my questions. I have a lot more trust in eevi than the old system.

– Shirley, Resident

We can go for periods with no issues and then when there’s congestion, I can spend 3-4 hours going around and manually trying different scenarios to reboot devices and get them back online and it can be quite a time-consuming process. I’m happy to do it because I’d do anything for the residents. This is after all a life and death scenario potentially so absolutely must be up and running.

Dawn, Assistant Community Manager

I have not had to use the services many times over the years but in the past few months have. I found the experience to be great. They connected my call, got me assistance and stayed with me on the line whilst we waited. I’d recommend that even if you think you don’t need it one day you might and that everyone should be so lucky as to have a service like this.
-Estelle,  Resident