Trusted by Australia’s largest senior living providers.

Providing care technology for peace of mind and efficient operations.

eevi delivers a new level of personalised and integrated care to our partners and providers. We understand that the best technologies aren’t solutions until combined with the people that make it work.

Utilising our purpose-built cloud platform, we have created an ecosystem that integrates with your systems to provide valuable data to enable an optimised level of care. We partner with a leading professional monitoring provider to deliver industry-leading response times (twice as fast as the industry standard).

With eevi there to monitor events in a crisis, and check in on residents, we reduce the load on carers without reducing the level of care provided on a daily basis.

We do all of this with easy to use technologies that are simple to understand and operate. We know this is important to our residents and customers because we spent hundreds of hours asking them in our user-led approach to product design, which we’re happy to share with you below.

We believe this is what sets eevi apart. We are delivering low impact care tech solutions and support with a focus on the pain points that really matter.

Our commitment to providing the most relevant and effective quality solutions has meant our products have long been trusted by some of Australia’s largest senior living providers; leading to transparency and efficient operations for a more connected community.

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If you’re interested to learn about design sprint methodology and how you might use the findings within your organisation, please contact us for a copy.
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What is the eevi Ecosystem?

eevi operates API driven technology through a purpose-built cloud platform and that forms the heart of our product design, both today and for tomorrow.

Through that cloud platform eevi offers a product set designed for use ‘At Home’, ‘Out & About’, ‘Voice Activated’ and for ‘High Care’ customers. This platform allows us to optimise emergency care, ensuring a higher level of support when you can’t be there with access to important data insights in real-time available.

With the eevi Ecosystem implemented in your organisation, you’ll have access to key information to better enable your organisation to provide support for the current and evolving needs of those in your ‘Community of Care’.

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