Help in under 60 seconds with 24/7 emergency care support

The Advanced Care Monitoring of the eevi Gateway & Pendant provides the highest level of care with professional monitoring of emergency calls. The device connects you to a dedicated 24/7 care support line so you have help by your side if ever you need it.

Peace of mind for you with discreet professional monitoring

  • Medical alarm delivering access to 24/7 emergency care
  • Professionally monitored by trained response centre
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Long-life battery
  • Powerful microphone
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Remote system updates
  • Telstra 4G SIM
  • Cloud connectivity w/ Ethernet Backup

Key Features

24/7 Professionally monitored

4G connectivity w/ Ethernet Backup

Powerful microphone

Two-way device communication

95% calls answered in 60 seconds (A1 Grade provider)

Self-testing & real-time updates of system health give confidence that everything is working, all of the time.

App integration with the eevi Friends & Family app

 Easy device management. Firmware updates applied globally in seconds.

Starting from $599 plus your first month of Monitoring*


We are proud to be a registered

NDIS provider

Trusted by Australia’s leading senior housing operators to ensure safety of residents.

Friends & Family App

Apps and skills to keep your network of care informed

Linking directly to the Gateway, the Friends & Family App is a service designed to bring people together in a network of care.

It is an App as well as a text service that sends alerts and updates directly from eevi device activity.

No need to have to wait until after an event. Care in real-time with increased peace of mind.

Available now through the app store

Key Features

Help Notifications: Help Button, Check-in missed

Device Health: Low battery, device offline

Email, SMS and App Notifications

Display tab of prior events and updates

Did you know?
Eevi’s care technologies are eligible for Consumer Directed Care (CDC) government funding.

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Eevi personal safety devices are today supporting over 6500 lives across Australia.

The Eevi range of monitoring devices offer state-of-the-art solutions to help you maintain your independence.


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