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As our loved ones and family members age, we want to ensure they are well supported … where they live, in the things they do, and the places they visit.

Technology is a great enabler and expands our world in many different ways. For older Australians, it creates options that were unavailable only a few short years ago. Ageing in place today is more achievable than ever before.

Take control of your life with Eevi, your discreet personal care assistant that gives you the peace of mind to live how and where you choose.

Discover the many ways Eevi can support you to live well and maintain your independence.


Monitoring your health and safety for peace of mind

Access support whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Eevi Watch with inbuilt GPS for location and SIM for two-way voice
  • Eevi Gateway as an in-home 4G medical alarm with pendant
  • Eevi Voice Assistant on Google Home with voice-activated alarms and check-in
  • Friends & Family App on your smartphone giving carers real-time information

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Tech support services to help you stay connected

Discover how technology can enhance your life.
  • In home concierge services to help you choose suitable tech options for your home and arrange installation, setup and support
  • Face-to-face help with everything from logins and passwords to setting up and using your smart phone, tablet, and connected health tech

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Enhancing quality of life through inclusion in retirement communities

Connecting you to an active and vibrant life.

  • Exposing village life to the wider community and prospective residents
  • Access to services and facilities in their retirement community
  • Local event information and booking

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Our products have long been trusted by Australia’s largest retirement living operators to improve health outcomes and quality of life.

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Eevi Families Home


We provide health monitoring technologies designed to help older Australians maintain independence in their homes and close contact with family and carers.

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Eevi is featured on the Today Show

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