Introducing our range of Sensors: Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind For Higher Care Needs

At eevi, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive safety solutions for individuals who require extra care. We are excited to introduce our latest range of advanced sensors specifically designed for in-home, residential aged care communities and retirement village use. These state-of-the-art sensors are aimed at improving safety and well-being, empowering both our loved ones and their caregivers with peace of mind.

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Smart Bed Monitor: Tracking and Alerting for Higher Care Needs

Our Smart Bed Monitor utilises cutting-edge sensor technology to monitor and detect changes in nightly routines, heart rate, and respiratory rate. This advanced monitoring system is ideal for individuals with higher care needs, providing real-time data to alert caregivers of any significant changes. With the integration of the eevi Carer App, caregivers can stay informed and respond promptly to any notifications.

Door Sensor: Instant Notifications for Enhanced Security

The Door Sensor is designed to offer heightened security and peace of mind. This sensor is equipped to detect door openings and instantly sends notifications to caregivers or family members. With this feature, you can be promptly notified of any unexpected door activity, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones within the home environment. The eevi Carer App seamlessly integrates with the Door Sensor, allowing caregivers to receive notifications conveniently and respond accordingly.

Activity Sensor: Motion Detection for Care Monitoring

The Activity Sensor, powered by Samsung Smart Things technology, is specifically designed for individuals with higher care needs. This sensor detects motion within a room and sends notifications to caregivers through the eevi Carer App. By utilising this advanced technology, caregivers can have peace of mind knowing that they will be promptly alerted of any significant activity or movement within the monitored area.

Integration and Ease of Use with the eevi Carer App

All of our Sensors seamlessly integrate with the user-friendly eevi Carer App. This centralised platform allows caregivers and family members to efficiently manage and respond to alerts and notifications from the various sensors. The intuitive interface enables caregivers to access resident information, triage calls, request assistance, and communicate through in-app messages. The eevi Carer App ensures a streamlined and user-centric experience, empowering caregivers to provide the highest level of care to their loved ones.