The eevi ecosystem of care

Now available for you and your evolving care needs

eevi has been the preferred choice of some of Australia’s largest providers and retirement living communities for many years. Now, we are pleased to be bringing the eevi ecosystem to where you want to live, in your own home.

From simple to use personal monitoring, medical alarms and emergency response at home to watches that work as a personal medical alarm when out and about and have the capability to let loved ones know where you are; eevi’s voice assistant technologies quickly adapt to the care you need, when you need it.

All medical alarm products and services that form part of the eevi ecosystem can be monitored by carers or by a 24/7 professional emergency monitoring centre. You choose which medical alarm devices or services will best deliver peace of mind to you in your varying situation and the level of support they provide. Plus, eevi services are eligible for government care package funding such as the NDIS, Consumer Directed Care (CDC) government funding and home care packages.

The best part is the medical alarm technology is not only designed to work together to help you in different ways, but it’s easy to use, and we supply the service support to help make it work for you. We can work with you and your family or carers to advise you on the right medical alarm solution to suit your individual needs.

All eevi medical alarm products are designed to be discreet and adaptable to your lifestyle – you can turn them on or off as you need. They won’t invade your privacy and will help you feel safe, secure and independent – empowering you to remain in your home, even if you need a little extra support.

To find out how you can have eevi in your home, contact our service support via the contact us page on our website, phone on 1300 802 738 or our care partners FiveGoodFriends at

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