Congratulations Aveo on the World Class Aveo Newstead

31 Jul 2018 | GeneralProvidersRetirement Living

Congratulations to Aveo on the launch of their flagship property at Newstead. Aveo Newstead brings Australia’s first premium, inner city 19 storey retirement community to Brisbane. We are pleased to have been chosen by Aveo to bring desirable technology and support to this world class retirement community.

Aveo Newstead delivers a luxurious option for those looking to maintain a premium lifestyle as they age, via the quality of materials and inclusions and the liveability and functionality of the apartments. Designed with state of the art facilities and to provide optimal comfort and enjoyment for residents, we have partnered with Aveo to deliver innovative technology solutions to enhance the premium lifestyle experience.

Every home at Aveo Newstead is installed with the eevi medical alarm, eevi voice assistant on Google Home and eevi Friends & Family App. Residents also have ready access to our eevi Watch for additional peace of mind when out and about.

Residents will also have all the help they need adapting to their new lifestyles, with the full time Tech Angel at Aveo Newstead.  Kind of like a maintenance man for your digital life, the Tech Angel is available to help set up your tech, provide tips and guidance, and conduct small group education and training sessions.

The Tech Angel service combined with installation of eevi care technology products enable Aveo Newstead to deliver a genuinely innovative approach to removing frustrations and enabling residents to enjoy their digital life!

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